Inspired by our recent shoot in the swamps, our desire to do a horror feature, and our appreciation of grindhouse pulp films…. the idea of Swamp Killer was born!

The Official Tagline: We Gotta Get Outta This Place!

Logline: When a beautiful actress on location in the Everglades becomes the target of a murderous swamp creature, she has to find a way to curb the monster’s desires before it kills the entire crew.

Watch the Proof of Concept

Swamp Killer will be pure Grindhouse pulp fun! There will be bikers, babes, gore, humor, and plenty of HEART.

Grindhouse elements will bring folks to the screen. Yet that’s not enough for us. We want you to leave with something… To feel you didn’t just spend 90 forgettable minutes of your lives experiencing a mere entertaining romp in the theatre. We want you to scream, to laugh, to cry, to “feel.” With that said, our Writer/Director Ram Hernandez has recently spent several days consulting with Linda Seger in her Colorado study. Linda is a world renowned script coach whose clientele include Peter Jackson, William Kelley, Ray Bradbury, and Roland Emmerich. Linda is endorsed by the likes of Ron Howard. Swamp Killer won’t be just mindless action and gore scenes strung together. It will have Heart. It will have Story. (One secret we can reveal is that it will have elements from The Phantom of the Opera. Now, how cool is that?!)

The Impetus for Swamp Killer:

In January 2017 we shot the short film “SHOTGUN” deep in the Florida Everglades.

Everything went along just perfectly. The five actors gelled organically with each other, and the skeleton production crew effectively wrapped the shoot in just three days. Performances were such that it was a real joy to edit. Tip: the more effort you put into casting, the better the process and end results.

This 10 minute flick was edited in three weeks and went on to premiere at a cool “off-broadway” film festival in Cannes, France. Prior to that we held a fantastic private wrap party / screening at Lucky Cole’s “Swamp Theatre” in Big Cyprus, where much of the film was shot.

Ramiro "Ram" Hernandez

Writer / Director

After a successful career as a CPA, Ram’s excessive high energy delved into the craft of putting stories on film. An avid freediving spearfisherman, black belt and nature lover, Ram has rock/mountain climbed, bungee jumped, and journeyed solo cross country on his vintage Harley. This energy is injected in the movies he makes.

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